Saturday, September 3, 2022



John 1:1

King James Version

1 In the beginning was the Word, 

and the Word was with God, 

and the Word was God.

I've had vivid dreams, since I was a child.

Perhaps, the only difference between me, and most people, is that I pay attention to EVERYTHING.

That's why I remember everything.

The dreams became especially vivid in 1997 when I reached a point of encroaching unhappiness.

Business was going well, but something inside my heart wasn't.

I was sick in my soul.

I wanted to hide from the world.

I could bring no joy, nor comfort to it.

That's when the dreams came FULL force.

It only lessened on 6 September 2019, when GOD made me born again.

In between, a very telling dream occurred.

Imagine a church, and three scientists huddled to my left.

They were in deep discussion, worried about something.

My dream said they were molecular biologists.

Thinking they were alone, two of them got irritated at my presence.

One was German, the other American, and a Frenchman.

They proceeded to ignore me, after the momentary intrustion.

Only the French scientist was pleased at my presence.

He came over to where I was, and gave me a calling card.

It said "Michel".

End of dream.

More than a decade after, the covid crisis struck in 2019.

The enemy's plan was going, according to plan.

As with every dream, I'd memorize the details before waking up, committing to memory EVERY detail, nuance, or feeling.

That's how my Jung dream book taught me.

And it sure helped improve my memory of things.

It also helped me pay attention to every detail in my life.

SOON as I'd open my eyes, I'd write down notes, on any piece of paper on hand.

Eventually, these became tons of little dream books, analyzed and explained.

All symbols were decoded.

EVERY minute detail not lost to oblivion.

But what of the molecular biologists?

I had a vague idea what molecular biology was.

But the dream showed something was afoot.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have looked as they did.

And in a church yet!

Then, it was pretty clear to me what was wrong.

As born again now, all the more my suspicions are founded.

As if to confirm those suspicions, the covid crisis burst into the scene.

AFTER I had written 22 books on spiritual warfare in November 2019.

Most of my prophetic dreams, of self and the world, are in those books of fiction.

While the world partied for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the HOLY SPIRIT got me working.

Day, and night.

Non-stop for 36 days.

Now, as born again, and dream decoder, I can only observe the world, seeing how it's all coming to fruition.

Everything according to GOD's plan, and prophecy.

You see, even a non-born again then can be guided by GOD.

You simply want to love truth.

Now that I've been born again nearly three years?

Oh boy, the truth rings so very clearly.

And what is truth, but GOD's TRUTH alone?

The next post will tell you more about that.

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