Saturday, September 3, 2022

The THREE scientists


Proverbs 1:7

King James Version

7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: 

but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

First, let me tell you I'm born again.

As born again, I only obey GOD's will.

It was His will I create this 54th blog, The THREE scientists.

What does a born again know about science?

Nothing, save for a prophetic dream given me, over a decade ago.

Long before GOD made me born again, He gave me such dreams.

Wherein I'd be awakened by specific images, words, and sounds.

All of which, I wrote down.

Reams of notebooks testify to such.

And I'd look to my Jung-inspired dream book for interpretation.

It was only after GOD made me born again nearly three years ago, did I search Scripture.

The HOLY SPIRIT, the teacher of all things, made everything clear.

He began teaching me.

Guiding me.

Inspiring me.

The Bible became my ONLY source.

The WORD of GOD was the ONLY true source.

I had not deviated from that since.

The 54 blogs and 24 books were proof of the knowledge I got from Scripture.

Everything was counter-checked with Scripture.

I had become a new man in CHRIST.

The old creature fell away.

In its place is the born again STUDENT of SPIRIT.

But what was that dream?

Who were the three scientists?

That's for the next post.

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